Happy Birthday to one of the greatest ladies in my life, my GRANDMA!! She has to be the strongest woman I know, I know where my mom gets it from!! Well we did not live close to each other and did not get to spend nearly as much time together as I would have wanted but I have such good memories of us together.  She is the worlds best crafter, I know where I get my talent from. She was an amazing lady, the stories I could share! I will share two things with you, the card I made her for her birthday and the reason behind it.  It is a star fold or something like that not really sure, I made it because it was unique, just as she is, first ever card I made with this fold. It is done in all sewing papers because my grandma is the one that taught me how to sew. I remember we went to pick out fabric and  a pattern. I picked a skirt for my first project she was unsure because zippers are tricky but I was like I can so do this:) And I did… my grandma said it was the best job she had ever seen and was so excited, until we noticed that the zipper was backwards. I think we both wanted to cry, I remember her telling me that It will never look as good as it did. She was right! But we fixed it and I had a skirt.  So I learned how to seam rip that day to I guess. I want to say I was 9, not 100% sure….. But what I do know is, I love and miss her very much and hope she a wonderful birthday!!!  Here is the card I sent her, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!


Top 20!!! WOOHOO!!!!!

The card contest is in round 2… the TOP 20 cards are pick and up for voting again. I am lucky to say mine is one of them. Lets see how long this can last!!! Hoping for the top 5, okay okay the top 1. Its going to be hard these ladies are talented!!

check us out here and cast your vote… remember you can vote for as many as you would like but only vote once.

Here is my card… loving this fun fold. Is a triangle how neat, and easy!!

IMAG7596-1    IMAG7600-1


Drill: All about Me!!

Our first Drill for S.W.A.T. is a full page layout all about YOU!!! That’s not all, they have a prize up for grabs. So find photos you love, like or even hate and scrap them… they all have a story to tell so tell it about you.

This was a hard layout for me, but I am glad I did it. I never think to scrap about myself so this was fun. I used papers and brads to reflect what I like or what is about me… I picked orange for crafter cause my scrapbook room is orange.  So its the little things that made this layout fun. Most of the papers were sitting in my stash waiting to be used.



Thanks for stopping by- Janice

Okay people go and check out all the talented girls that were picked as the top 25 for the Practical Scrapper 2013 Card Contest. I am super excited to be among these brilliant ladies.

Check out their cards HERE and VOTE…. don’t forget to vote!!! You can vote for as many ladies as you would like but you only have one chance so click your favs and wish them luck!!!

Here is my card, I really like the way it turned out… lets just hope enough people like it to move to the top 20… fingers crossed!!




Thanks for stopping by… Janice

Meet ME!!!

Okay everyone today is the day over at SWAT that you get to meet me!! so very excited. I am with a great group of gals and am so excited to share all the talented ladies with you. Plus I have posted up a few of my favorite  projects for everyone to check out.

Please stop by and see me:) haha

January Card Sketch

January Card Sketch at Practical Scrappers!!! Come check out me and these other fabulous DT Memebers. I am so honored to share such a great blog with many wonderful ladies. Here is the sketch and my take one it. Please go and visit Practical Scrappers to see the rest of the ladies work their magic.




Pinterest inspired post

Today is another great day over at Practical Scrappers… It is Pinterest inspired post, now who can’t sit and look at pinterest for hours at a time…

I saw a cute jar full of candy hearts a with hand made paper flowers, what a fun idea for any age. well I more focused on the candy 🙂 Here is my pinterest inspired card.


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